Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Why do I bother?

I had to travel for work yesterday, which meant a lot of time spent at airports, being rather thirsty, and little chance of a decent cup of tea.

Water was on offer at the meeting, which was of course good, but I decided also to brave the teabags on offer and made myself a cup of Lipton's Orange Herbal blend, which was primarily rosehips and hibiscus so I thought I couldn’t go too wrong there. Well, I was wrong about not being able to go wrong - it tasted like chewable vitamin C tablets (you could hardly even taste the hibiscus), and made me wonder why I had even bothered. Deluded hope? Latent masochism? Well, whatever the reason, it was not a very worthwhile experience at all. I have learned my lesson this time and will studiously steer clear of such offerings in future.

Perhaps I should invest in some decent loose-leaf tea bags from T2, and take them to these kinds of functions with me; yet I can’t help wondering if that’s just too rude and pretentious for words. Then again, why should I be embarrassed to appreciate quality? Other people should hang their heads in shame at offering such inferior beverages…

Anyway, note to self, with a smack in the head for good measure: DON’T BOTHER WITH THE TEABAGS, VERITY – it’s not worth it!

PS. I had to smile when I came up on this product just now while browsing at The Tea Smith – unbleached paper filters which can be filled with your desired tea, and taken with you, thus saving you ‘the indignity of suffering through terrible tea’. I love it! Might have to purchase some myself…

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