Sunday, 8 June 2008

Tea purchase mishap

I used to work with a most lovely girl who would every now and then come to work and say, 'Oh Verity, I accidentally bought some saucepans' (or whatever), like it just somehow happened and she had no involvement in the matter. Well, it appears I have just accidentally purchased some tea online (oops). Seriously, it's not my fault. I was just so excited to discover that the Oriental Tea House in Melbourne now has a proper online store (instead of a crappy little eBay outlet) that I just don't know what came over me... 

I haven't bought any tea from this particular place for ages - it used to be on a part of Collins St which I frequented regularly (and used to be called AY Tea Shop, for that matter), but then it disappeared for a while, and it turned out that it eventually moved somewhere further up Collins St, but I never got around to going there. My thoughtful sister (best sister ever, in fact) did one year for Christmas give me a sampler of a range of their teas, most of which are very nice, but the ones I liked best are the Dragonwell, the Chai and the Relaxing teas. I have just ordered some of the Chai and the Relaxing ones... I didn't mean to...

Since the shop itself changed names the teas have all received slightly cutesy titles which end in -TEA (e.g. chamomile = 'relieves anxie-tea'), which irritates me a bit but I can live with it. 

I will report back more fully on these teas when I have received them and had a chance to try them - I hope they arrive soon! As I recall this particular chai is a really lovely blend but it's one which I found I liked better without milk... wonder if that's still the case... 

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