Sunday, 3 August 2008


As promised, here are a (very) few photos which I took today, to try and brighten up the look of my blog. Despite a most prodigious amount of rain on Friday (and more forecast for the week ahead I believe), we were blessed with a most sunny weekend in Canberra which provided me with some good opportunities for taking photos. 

I do apologise for the mediocrity of my photography, which compares very poorly with any of the photos that I look at with admiration and envy at Tea Nerd... do check them out.

Firstly, on the right, some Berries of the Forest, brewed 
in my glass teapot and reposing casually in a bit of garden near my front door (the most foresty setting I could come up with). 

On the left, Berries of the Forest in a glass and a teapot on my front step - I was trying to get a decent picture of the shadows and the light shining through the tea. 
I think it worked out not too badly...

Finally, a photo of a Burmese oolong which was a very kind Christmas present last year from my husband's godmother. I haven't had a lot of different kinds of oolong, but this one is interesting to look at because of the variable size and colouring of its leaves - they are quite irregular and only very loosely twisted, and the colour ranges from pale browny-green to almost entirely black. This is not a sweet tea, in fact its aroma and flavour are slightly smoky, which makes it quite robust-tasting and a good accompaniment to Asian foods, particularly spicy ones like a Thai red curry, in my experience.

This tea is a Larsen and Thompson tea (scroll down after clicking the link until you come to it in the list). It comes in a nifty green ceramic pot with a little wooden lid, which is very picturesque but not the absolute best for keeping the tea fresh; fortunately the tea is actually packed in a plastic bag inside the pot so that helps, anyway.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and getting in plenty of tea. I'm off to polish off a pot of rooibos myself right now...

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