Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Temperature, continued

Just a brief update on my experiments with temperature… Over the weekend I decided to boil some water on the stove in a saucepan (not having a stovetop kettle) to make tea with and see what the temperature came to that way – because at least I could then see that the water was boiling, rather than just rely on the electric kettle to turn itself off at the right time.

When I placed the thermometer in the rapidly boiling and bubbling water, it promptly registered 95°C… so clearly I think there must be some issues with the electric kettle, because I don’t see how the water could cool down by twenty degrees while I pour it into a teapot or jug.

Still, I will conduct more experiments as time goes on, and I think I will also be boiling my water on the stovetop more often over the next little while… Might be time to invest in one of those non-electric stovetop kettles, perhaps? A glass one would be cool, if I could find such a thing…


  1. Oh, but those electric kettles are so handy to use!

  2. Yes they are, so true! I prefer metal ones though; I can't get over my suspicions about plastic ones...


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