Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Quirky tea objets d'art

I am in love. I have just come across a little snippet in this month’s Notebook: magazine about some designers who are giving old objects a new lease of life – in this case, teacups.

Lindsay Pemberton is a NZ designer who makes bangles out of old teacups – they’re sold through the online NZ designer store Clever Bastards. Check them out here. I’m very partial to the willow-pattern tea bangle, and also the ‘flourish’ one. At NZ$65 each that’s a hefty mark-up on a tea cup that probably cost a couple of bucks at the Salvos, but what the hey. I want one… I wonder how much the postage would be. Further investigation warranted, ASAP.

The other item that caught my eye – it was pictured in the magazine, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find an online copy of the image to refer you to – is the teacup pendant lamp by Suzie Stanford… an upside-down teacup and saucer made into a light fitting. Also intensely desirable, but alas out of my budget at present (they’re over A$300 each)… ah, but one day!


  1. Ooh, I want one too. I wonder how much $65 NZ is in US currency.

    Also, I just discovered that January is National Hot Tea Month here in the US. I think I'll celebrate with a cuppa. :-)

  2. Ha ha, it's not National Hot Tea Month in Australia, but being a day of relative coolness I think I will celebrate in any case ;-)

  3. http://www.teaguyspeaks.com/2006/06/tea-blog-list.html

  4. I'm really pleased you all like Lindsay's Tea Bangles. Just so you know NZ$65 = approx US$38

  5. Thanks for that info Peekay! I hope Lindasy gets to sell oodles of them :-)


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