Friday, 6 February 2009

Musings for a Friday

At Cha Dao today, a fascinating consideration by the inimitable Corax of some of the factors that make the same tea taste so different at different times – even when variables like amount of leaf, water temperature etc. are the same. I’ve noticed this myself – sometimes it’s disappointing – you go to make a cup of tea, looking to recreate an experience you’ve had, or that you remember yourself as having, with a particular tea at a particular time, and it’s just not the same! Of course that’s not to say that it’s necessarily bad, but it’s not what you’re looking for at that time. Amazing how so many variables can affect the perception of dried leaves in water.

And on my lunch break today, flicking through a little book of ‘things to be grateful for’ at the local newsagent, I came across this one: ‘The written word and endless cups of tea.’ So true! I’m grateful for both these things every day; I don’t know where I would be without them.


  1. inconsistency can be disappointing, but you can also look at it as a different taste to experience. even with the exact same type of tea, same amount, same brewing time, it's going to taste subtly different...maybe even depending on the drinker's mood.

    as long as it's not overbrewed, though, i always enjoy what i end up with in the cup.

  2. This is true, in fact it is probably surprising that things taste as consistent as they often do :) Tea is certainly a many-splendoured thing.

    Thanks for posting Ana! :) Love your blog BTW!


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