Friday, 24 July 2009

Joie de Tea is now on

Just a very brief little spot of self-promotion... it's taken me a while, but my teashop is finally live on Etsy!

I love trying out different blends of herbs, spices and teas for my own consumption... and so I've taken a bit of a plunge and listed some of my more successful experiments for sale on Etsy. Find me there under joiedetea (all one word) - at the moment there are five different herbal blends, and I have ideas for oodles more of all kinds in my head - it's just a matter of combining everything just so to produce the right end result (as some of you would know, being tea blenders yourselves - it's not always easy)!

This is a ship-within-Australia only effort at the moment, given my nervousness about navigating my way through the customs issues involved in shipping plant matter to other countries, but I'm hoping that it will be a handy first step on my way to my final goal, which is a real, live, bricks and mortar teashop of my very own (one day!)... but the main thing I am looking with this little venture is to have fun (and share tea with people). I have a few more ideas up my sleeves for other tea-related items as well!

But wherever you live please stop by and have a browse - I'd love to hear any of your comments or ideas for tea blends!


  1. I'm happy for you getting on Etsy and serving some customers. Know that mail order is going to have its pluses especially since there's no retail overhead. And you have a reach beyond a dreadfully local area. --Jason

  2. Hi Jason - thanks for your positivity as always :) The online environment really is a wonderful, wonderful thing!


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