Friday, 7 August 2009

Cocoro Japanese Pottery & Cafe

Last Friday my sister and my husband and I were out on Smith St Fitzroy in search of dessert. It's been a long time since I was last on Smith St; not since before I went to Canberra, in fact, which makes it a good couple of years. So imagine my excitement* when I discovered Cocoro - a Japanese restaurant also serving Japanese tea, including matcha.

There were quite a few people in the cafe still having dinner at the small tables - but we were able to ensconce ourselves on a small couch at the front of the cafe area very comfortably. I opted for matcha and ordered some of the kukicha for my husband. Much to my surprise both teas arrived in kyusu pots, accompanied by small narrow cups; I wasn't aware that matcha could be prepared in a pot - and I confess to being slightly disappointed that I wasn't getting a nice frothy bowl of matcha, but as it turned out there was no need to be disappointed, because the steeped matcha was delicious, delicate and sweet. I also had a couple of sips of my husband's kukicha - and that was also just lovely - delicate pale yellow-green twigs that produced a subtle green flavour with no hints of bitterness or toastiness.

All in all I can't wait to go back. The pottery is gorgeous, and I would like to try their food as well - the meals we saw being served looked and smelt terrific - and also to investigate the other teas that they have on offer, including their matcha lattes... And the teas are available to purchase as well... may have to invest at some point in the near future, when I have a little more space in the pantry for tea (yes I AM capable of restraint where tea is concerned).

(Pictures courtesy of my husband's iPhone! Thank you Mr T!)

*For those of you having trouble imagining this excitement, it largely involved squeaking noises, bouncing up and down, and a little skip every now and then as we headed a little further on in our dessert quest, following assurances by my husband and sister that we would come back to Cocoro for tea afterwards.


  1. That place sounds amazing...I could almost smell the 'smells'!

  2. It is really worth a visit if you're in Melbourne! I can't wait to go back for some of the food (and more tea, naturally) :)


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