Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A New Tea Set for a (soon-to-be) New Arrival...

As I was stumbling up to bed following the baby shower my friends threw for me and my husband last weekend (yes... we scrapbooked til midnight to produce the most awesome baby book EVER. Crazy times) I thought I caught sight of something on the mantelpiece in the baby's room... but it was dark, and I was very tired, and so I didn't investigate any further.

Later the next morning though, I discovered that the mystery shape that I had half-discerned the night before was in fact this beautiful new tea set:

... complete with three cups: two big ones and one little one!

I asked my slightly bleary husband if he knew anything about it; he didn't, but suggested that this thoughtful gift was probably due to a visit from the Teapot Elves (entirely plausible, I thought). As it shortly turned out, the Teapot Elf in question was my sister. What an awesome present... I can't wait to share it with Little X at an appropriate time after his or her arrival...

The next question is, of course, what tea shall I pack in my hospital bag to celebrate said arrival? It must be robust enough to withstand hospital water and temperature (which I am prepared to accept may be sub-optimal) yet special enough to be celebratory. I shall have to devote more thought to this pressing issue over the next few weeks. Suggestions welcome!


  1. Very elegant tea set!

    And I do wonder if you have time for enjoying tea after birth in hospital! Better just bring tea bags! make "fast tea" , Ha ha! Just experience from my work! Feeding baby, changing diaper, calming baby will keep you very busy! But I am sure you will find time for your love of tea soon... maybe after a month!

  2. LOL you are probably right Peichi ;) best to be prepared though... just in case!

  3. I remember one of the nicest things I was so desperately hanging out for after the birth of our second child, was indeed a cup of tea! You are taking me back, it's funny how this post has triggered this memory.
    I love your sister's tea set, very thoughtful!
    As for the flavour...mmmm Champagne tea of course!

  4. That is an absolutely gorgeous tea set, and so thoughtful too.


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