Friday, 22 January 2010

A Farewell Tea

My sister left on her round-the-world travelling/volunteering jaunt on Monday. She'll be gone for up to 12 months, which is depressing for those left behind, but on the plus side I have made her promise to send me tea from exotic South-East Asian and other locales, so every cloud has a silver lining.*

The Sunday before she left I threw her a little afternoon tea party.

We drank Spice Road mixed with Vanilla Rooibos, alongside carrot cupcakes...

... and two kinds of finger sandwiches (cucumber with mint & basil butter, tomato with avocado and a touch of chilli), although Pippin preferred actual fingers (his own) to finger sandwiches:

Miss you little sis. Hope you're travelling safely.

*ok, it's not that much of a silver lining Billy, would rather have your company!!


  1. Happy travelling to your sister!

    Those carrot cupcakes look divine.

  2. Pippin is so cute!

    It is hard to see family going far away, but keep in touch by internet, right?

  3. The carrot cupcakes were great, Celeste - the recipe was from the Women's Weekly... there was maple syrup in the icing which was a YUMMY touch :)

    The internet is terrific Peichi! Don't know how we used to manage without it!!

  4. Wow! I love the idea of a farewell tea party. Wish you sis amazing experiences on her travels. I am sure she will come back wiser and full of new experiences that she will be willing to share on a cup of tea.


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