Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - Glass Tea Cups

Here are some gorgeous glass teacups for you to enjoy... so delicate, and perfect for showing off the colour of the infused tea!


Glass gaiwan from SanTion House of Tea.


Cups and saucers from Juniper Lodge.

And my personal favourite today:


  1. That blue glass teacup is gorgeous! I've been wanting to put a few things on my birthday wishlist that I can use for the monthly tea parties I throw with my friends, and I think these teacups are just the thing!

  2. Ooh, monthly tea parties... if only I were that organised... :)

  3. It's interesting, I don't have a single glass teacup at my place...but I've rather liked them when I've had tea in them before. You can certainly see the color and overall appearance of the tea very clearly with them, in a way you can't quite see with even a solid white teacup.

  4. ooh! I love the Jing tea one!

    I had to buy myself some glass mugs from ikea, just for tea ;)


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