Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - Finely Flavoured

I don't often drink flavoured teas these days - it's not really necessary with so many amazing flavours in tea just on its own, and of course I drink my own blends but they're not really 'flavoured' in the sense of having flavouring essences added, just herbs and spices - but every now and then I feel like having a cup or two.

Here are three delicious sounding ones I'd like to savour...

Amaretto by The Tea Centre: black tea with almond essence and finely diced almond pieces.

Capris Peach-Flavoured Green Tea by SanTion House of Tea: green tea with Chinese flowers and natural peach flavour.

White Berry Bliss from Tea Party: silver tips, white tea and berries.

What are your favourite flavoured teas? Love to hear about them!


  1. I can vouch for the Tea Centre's amaretto. It is exactly as delicious as you might be hoping. Goes great with a little honey as well.

    My favourite flavoured tea at the moment is the Tea Centre's Glogg tea. The Cinnamon is heavy in it and lord knows you cannot have too much cinnamon. Stockholm is a regular favourite as well though

  2. Mmm, honey in the amaretto tea sounds like it would be divine! And I hear you about the cinnamon... possibly my favourite flavouring for tea (and just about anything else) apart from vanilla.


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