Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Funny things do turn up in my teapot sometimes...

(that's flowering pineapple sage, from our garden)


  1. He, he..I have a few plants in teapots too, I love them.

  2. Have you seen those planters that are like giant teacups... love them too, would get some if my touch wasn't so inimical to all things green and growing... the survival of the pineapple sage thus far is a miracle.

  3. Do you ever make tea from pineapple sage? I absolutely love pineapple sage and I think it makes fantastic tea.

    I just looked up the climate where you are and it definitely seems a lot milder. Our winters get down to 10F/-12C which will definitely kill pineapple sage. But I think it's native to a mountainous part of Mexico that definitely gets colder than where you live...I've always wondered just how cold it can be and still be grown as a perennial.

    I grow it as an annual...I planted mine well over a month ago and it has done very well and has been growing rapidly even with spells of cold weather (down to 35F/2C). It's definitely a durable plant seems to take very dry weather well, but here in Delaware it's very wet and humid and it does fine.

  4. Pineapple sage tea is lovely - so unusual!

    It's pretty mild where we are - we've had a cold spell and it's been getting down to about 4C or 5C overnight, but definitely not as cold as where you are! The pineapple sage is perennial at these temperatures - the plant in the garden is about 4 or 5 years old I think. I gave it a HARD pruning last spring because it was all leggy and woody, but it's grown back beautifully (and miraculously).


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