Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - TEAPOTS

Can't live without them...

A friend of mine has one in a similar shape to this: Tea Pot by Tye River Pottery. I love the rusty colours and elegant shape.

I'm not sure how functional this one would be, but it's extremely cute to look at: Pear Teapot by Clamlab.

A Brown Betty is a classic, of course:

The turquoise glaze on this one is just beautiful: Personal Teapot by Hodaka Pottery.

And this sunny yellow one would give the Little Yellow Teapot a run for his money! Vintage Sunshine Yellow Teapot:


  1. On my wishlist is a 12-cup Brown Betty I saw up in Olinda a few weeks ago. $45 for the biggest (functional) teapot you've ever seen!

  2. The Hodaka Pottery Teapot is just gorgeous !

  3. Holy cow Eric, that's enormous! And a bargain at that price ;) you should definitely get it!


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