Thursday, 10 June 2010

Battle of the Japanese Greens: Round Two!

The second Ujinotsuyu tea which I bought from Fuji Mart is this one: Ujicha Maroyaka-Jitate. I don't know what the name means, I'm afraid. There's definitely no matcha in this one though. 

The instructions for brewing this tea specify 4g leaf in about 90ml of water at 70C, with a steep time of about one and a half minutes.  

The brewed tea is relatively cloudy and lime-green in colour, but not quite so striking (alarming?) as the Kabuse one. The taste is much less punchy, presumably because of the lack of matcha. There's a little bitterness/astrngency, and a very pleasant mouth-filling, savoury vegetal quality. The stand-out is a rich, round sweetness in the aftertaste that lingers with you nicely. 

The tea lasts two or three infusions although the flavours are definitely getting washed out by the third infusion. The Maroyaka is easier drinking than the Kabuse and doesn't make me reel if I drink it on an empty stomach; in fact I think it shines best on its own, without food. That said, it paired well with the leftover berry and apple crumble that I had for breakfast the other morning.   

If this tea were a giant movie monster it would leave poor stomped-out Tokyo alone and do ikebana or something instead (which would be much to my husband's disappointment I'm sure).

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