Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tuesday's Tea of the Week: Paintbox

I'm still sick, and I think what I'l be drinking to brighten up my mood this evening is Paintbox.

I wanted to go full-on with a really flowery, and, okay, girly blend, and this is what I came up with. Don't you just adore all the colours? Pink rosebuds, golden chamomile and calendula, green passionflower leaves and lavender... well, lavender... all mixed up with yummy rooibos.

This tea is actually a little similar to the Relax herbal tea from Tea Leaves that my husband and I drank on our wedding night after we arrived at the Candlelight Cottages (gee I'd like to go back there sometime) where we were staying for a couple of days... so it's a bit special to me from that point of view too!

Paintbox is best without any milk and should be sweet enough not to need any honey or sugar. My favourite thing about this tea is the way the delicate floral tastes linger in your mouth after you've finished it. It's caffeine free and extremely relaxing, and definitely one for the sophisticated afternoon tea table.

Next week: Peppermint Soother.

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