Friday, 2 July 2010

Useful things to do while you wait for the kettle to boil

#4: Find your prettiest cup and saucer... The special set you hardly ever use cos it's too good. It's not! Fetch it now!


  1. My kettle needs only 1 minute to boil 1 litre water. I cannot do that much in this time. ;-)

  2. Oh wow, Jenny, that is super quick! Not much need to fill in time in your case! I have a stove top kettle that can take up to ten minutes to boil depending on how much water is in it...

  3. Hi Veri-Tea, I wrote this commentabove so quickly that I forgot to tell it is an electric water boiling kettle. That's why it is so fast. But there are also different ones and I have chosen this fast one for intention. This way my tea in the morning for breakfast before leaving for work is ready to drink :-)
    PS: But I like your idea of this entries. :-)


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