Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Tuesday's Tea of the Week: Lemon Myrtle Basic Black

I am slightly in love with lemon myrtle, I think. I like it better than lemongrass (although that is also good stuff). I can't tell you how much I love opening up my bulk bags of lemon myrtle tea; the aroma is sensational. If I could bottle it I would. Also using lemon myrtle makes me feel wonderfully Australian in a refined rather than bogan manner.

Lemon myrtle is a little bitter and overpowering on its own though, which is why I include it in quite a few blends (Rainforest, Outback Sunset, Lemon Breeze) but rarely drink it on its own.

Lemon Myrtle Basic Black is a fantastically complementary combination. The zestiness of the lemon myrtle is offset by the very slight astringency of the black tea base; it's fragrant and delicate enough for an afternoon tea party but also refreshing and energising.

The black tea does contain caffeine but because at least half the bulk of the dry leaf is herbal, it's not that strong so should be less of a concern for those of you who are cautious about caffeine intake. Both the lemon myrtle and the black tea are organic as well.

Next week: Relax


  1. I love lemon myrtle too...it's so lemony! But I think lemon balm is my favorite...less lemony, but softer overall. It could just be that I grew up drinking it as iced tea every summer though.

  2. Lemin balm tea is a joy and a delight, i agree with you Alex! It is so refreshing.


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