Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What's your brewing style?

This is how I brew my tea most of the time:

1. Boil water in my stovetop glass kettle (actually a coffeepot, minus the percolator bit, that belonged to my parents - but seeing as they don't use it any more, I nabbed it [politely]).
2. Warm my glass teapot with a bit of the hot water, then pour that water into my green teapot to warm it as well.
3. Put the leaves loose into the glass teapot and pour on the boiled water (after it has cooled a little if necessary).

4. Steep the appropriate amount of time (or longer, if I get distracted... Whoops).
5. Strain the tea from the glass teapot into the green teapot. Drink and enjoy!

So why all the high maintenance and creation of more washing up than is strictly necessary? Well, I can't prove it with science but I really do think that allowing the leaves to float freely produces a better cup of tea... They have the chance to fully open and swirl around. Given that most of my teapots hold more than one cup's worth of tea, though, I need to decant it into a second teapot to prevent oversteeping.

Also, while my glass teapot is good because you can see how pretty the leaves look while they brew, it does have a badly chipped spout and doesn't pour well, making it less than ideal for serving the tea, especially to guests.


  1. My being new to the whole loose leaf tea thing, I haven't yet tried using two tea pots and letting the leaves go free. I like that idea. There's something fun about that, I think. Although, I hate washing up, so it might be awhile before I try this method. :)

  2. Very keen to try this method! I just use a teapot/kettle/strainer at the moment but your way seems more interesting. I'll have to track down a glass teapot/coffee jug.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Samantha, the good thing is that most teapots don't need a huge amount of washing up... just a good rinse out!

    Hope you find a nice glass pot Zinnia Pea :) have fun looking (that's one of the most enjoyable bits... shopping for teawares... mmm).

  4. Glass really is nice for brewing.

    I do notice a difference when I give leaves more room to expand, such as putting them loose in a teapot, or using a sufficiently large basket infuser--as opposed to a constraining tea infuser like a tea ball.

    I especially notice this with tightly-rolled's hard to get all the aroma and flavor out if you brew them in a tea ball.

  5. I have a great 2 cup glass teapot which has a large basket infuser which is really good.

    Verity, i have had that teapot for donkey years and it never got used. But now i have reason to use it since buying your wonderful brew.

  6. Uhm, I guess to tell my brewing style would be too long as a comment here. I will go and write an entry at my blog myself, but also will say that it was your idea and link your blog. Okay?

  7. Looking forward to reading it Jenny!

    @Alex - It's amazing how much oolongs expand isn't it! You definitely couldn't get the same effect from them in an infuser.

    @Kathy - so glad you have a use for your teapot now :)


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