Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Tea Geek Longjing

Today I am drinking some of the Longjing (Dragonwell) that I received as part of the Tea Geek 'Tea Bascis' Certification course that I signed up for. Check out the beautiful and strikingly-shaped leaves:

This is quite an unusual shape for tea leaves and is characteristic for Longjing; it's the result of the particular pan-firing process used to produce the tea. (They're actually a bit less silvery and slightly more yellow than they show up in the photo.)

The liquor is a very very pale greeny-yellow and tastes lightly toasty, and has a lovely lingering sweet aftertaste.

This is probably the nicest Longjing that I've ever had, and certainly the nuttiest-tasting. I think it actually does taste of chestnuts (although it probably also helps that I had some actual chestnuts not that long ago, so the taste is still reasonably fresh in my memory).

I'm enjoying the Tea Geek course very much... scribbling away in my notebook and trying to remember the names of different provinces (true Longjing comes from Zheijiang! But don't ask me where that is on a map!), and oh yes, catalysing a spot of myth-busting as well! Good times!

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  1. This sounds very interesting, I never had a Longjing tea before. Have not check the teabook of the shop here for it yet, but already guess they do not have it.


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