Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - Vintage Teapots

I am totally craving a new teapot and it must be vintage. Want want want. These are a few of my current favourites from Etsy:

Cute handpainted vintage teapot from Sassy Spaces - love the unusual shape!

Flower power Sadler teapot from Violets and Grace - so cheery!

Blue ceramic teapot from merchant of kismet - gorgeous colour and pretty pattern.

And this one is my current absolute favourite - am seriously considering shelling out for the postage on this one!

Retro teapot from third coast vintage - how do I love thee; let me count the ways - perfectly cute shape, awesome flowers, nifty lid, great size!

And finally, this one:

Atomic eggplant tea kettle  from DooDah Factory - ok, not technically a teapot but full of WIN! It looks like it is ready to take off on an intergalactic journey - for which of course you would need plenty of tea.


  1. One of my many vices - teapots . Not sure what it is about them but with over 100 you think I would have enough. Love these, and have some similar.

  2. If you enter in "teapot" in the search bar on my blog you will find lots of photos of mine.

  3. oooh that last one looks very familiar - infact i have the grey version of it on m stove top right now! we found it at the oppy but found out it's not retro at all, just looks that way. but apparently v good quality... we love it anyway

  4. I completely and utterly understand why people 'collect' teapots....they are so utterly adorable and functional to boot!
    Not many collections I understand, but teapots, yes.


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