Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Do you name your teapots?

Some people do! Brett at the Black Dragon Tea Bar has a whole League of Pots... with superpowers... wouldn't want to mess with any of these guys or gals. I rather like 'Chip' myself -

- his brewing specialty is Assam. Brett rescued him from a thrift store... I'm sure they are both glad about that!

Some little yellow teapots have a whole lot of personality all of their own, and even conduct interviews with other personable teawares.

To be honest it never really occurred to me to name my teapots. Perhaps I should? I wonder if they feel unloved, to go unnamed.


  1. My poor teapot doesn't have a name and doesn't get used very often either...oops. Perhaps I should name mine "Lotus Blossom" since she is a Chinese teapot, he he.

  2. This post really made me smile. Thanks!

  3. Great idea Deb ;)

    Brett, so glad :D


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