Thursday, 27 January 2011

Hello... yes, it's been a while.

Quite a while, just over three months in fact, since my last post. Blogging got a bit on top of me I'm afraid, when added to all the other things that I both need and want to get done on a daily basis; but I do miss it, and I would like to continue this tea blog. Although, given the number of in depth, well-researched, beautifully written tea blogs out there, i have had quite the crisis of confidence regarding this one and am not really sure of what of value I have to offer in the tea blogging world. But let's just give it another go, eh?

I have, of course, been drinking loads of tea - much more hot tea than is usual for me over the summer period because it has been most unseasonably chilly and wet... The wettest it has been in Melbourne for a LONG time... I can't remember the last time I saw things looking this green.

My current favourite tea, for its undemanding yet enjoyable nature, is a tippy Assam from Tea Leaves in Sassafras, where my sister and I ventured the other week. The dry leaves smell like a brandy-rich fruit cake; brewed the taste is not super-exciting, but pleasant and robust - amazingly, you can overbrew this tea (as I did one morning when I forgot about it for about ten minutes) yet it is still delightful and does not become bitter or astringent. I even drank it black after its ten-minute steep, that's how ok it was. Also nice with a spot of milk, but really, you don't need it. I like it a lot, at any time of day.

I hope you'll stick around to read on; I'm not going to commit to any kind of posting schedule because I'm really not certain what I can manage at the moment, so I'm just going to play it by ear. But please, do comment - I read each and every one even if I don't always manage to respond in any sort of timely fashion. And don't forget to have a cuppa while you're reading...


  1. Great to see you again Veri-Tea!

    Those in depth, well-researched and beautifully written blogs... can get old pretty fast.

    I prefer to follow the interesting, unique and individual style bloggers (like yourself)!

  2. Oh thanks Brett - aren't you lovely :)

    I of course adore reading the uniqueness that is your blog as well.... Can't wait for the next adventure of Shushu T. Dragon...

  3. I also really appreciate your blog posts. Something about how you write and think about tea makes it very easy for me to relate to and be drawn into your writing.

    About the Assam, I notice a huge difference among Assams in how smooth they are. Strangely, the smoothest one I have yet to try was from a teabag (albeit a high-quality "sachet"): Two Leaves and a Bud's Assam -- there are currently five reviews of that tea, and there seems to be a general consensus that it's smooth, although not everyone likes it.

    It sounds like this Assam is more complex than that one thuogh, and it also seems very reasonably priced for one that is smoother and not easily overbrewed!

  4. Hi Veri-Tea! So glad to see today that you have made a new entry at your blog! I really really missed it so much! I don't mind whether you post on schedule or not as I am not doing it myself. I will be happy whenever you write here and looking forward to read more....
    For the tea, I do not like Assam that much, it is so strong...

  5. I'm glad you wrote, like Brett said; following bloggers with personality is more fun. There's a place for tea guru articles, yes indeed - but sometimes it's not just about learning, is it?

    I'm not a keen Assam drinker myself, they're too "robust" for me. Having said, I'd love to sit down and have a cuppa with you, and since you mentioned this earlier, a slice of your raspberry bread!


  6. Thanks very much Alex, Jenny and Jackie! :)

  7. Hey Verity..
    has it been 3 months really?...I have just returned to blogging after 6 weeks 'off' myself.
    Blogging is a very forgiving social medium i think.
    It's really lovely to see you back.
    I would read anything you wrote, Verity, cause your such a lovely person!
    But I also really like how someone like me, who reads no other tea blog at all, can come as a layperson to your blog, and open the field of vision a bit. I like your writing style, and the teas I have tasted of yours, are just delicious.
    You put heart and soul into tea, Verity!

  8. Who cares how "eloquent" other blogs are! That doesn't mean their pretty words hold any useful content. :) Keep blogging, first and foremost for yourself, and readers will follow. I'm glad I came across your blog!


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