Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tea tasting comparison FAIL

Well, of all the brain dead things to do... I set up a little taste comparison between two 2009 Autumn Flush Darjeeling teas which I picked up inexpensively late last year from Thunderbolt Tea - one from Sungma Estate and one from Giddapahar. I've been drinking quite a bit of the Sungma on a daily basis but I wanted to compare it with the other.

So I set it all up, two teapots, two mugs (colour coordinated with the teapots if you please, although that was more by happenstance than design), warmed them all up, weighed the leaf (2g of each), steeped, poured... And then I couldn't remember which leaves I put in which pot.


The green mug brew was spicier, lighter; the blue mug brew was a bit thicker, darker tasting and slightly sweeter & more musky - so I think that one may have been the Giddapahar and the green mug the Sungma. I'm not sure though. at least they were both delicious.

I guess if at first you don't succeed...


  1. LOL...it doesn't matter Verity. YOu can try it again, most important is that you enjoyed the tea anyway.

  2. Hi Veri-tea! Glad to read your posts once more! I love your writing style, which is always graceful and elegant, with well-chosen adjectives for every occasion - in fact, it reminds me of poetry!

    Speaking of which, here is a short, touching poem that might bring back memories:

    Now, by Frannie Lindsay

    I read to my dog from a takeout menu
    so he can sleep. When he tires
    of that, I talk to him
    about nothing, and when I run out
    of things to say, I make up words
    to a song with whatever
    array of notes and breath streams in

    the way the clean wind did
    as we rode once, and
    I rolled down the window a hair
    and he sat up without effort, glossy nose
    in the speeding weather, eyes half closed
    in the light that whizzed through his fur
    like the hands of a friend
    who had missed him.


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