Monday, 11 April 2011

Stressful day

Perhaps a tea of fresh mint from the garden might make me feel a bit better...?

Well, a pretty picture does, anyway.

Hope you are having a more relaxing day than me. If not, surely a cup of tea will help. Go make one now.


  1. Sorry your day was stressful. Hope the week gets better starting now. :)

  2. I also find mint tea helps to de-stress. I usually make a mix of spearmint and lemon balm, and I recently found that lemon balm has been shows to have some anti-anxiety properties.

    My mint is only beginning to sprout in the garden here in Delaware. I only have orange mint and lemon balm so signs of spearmint.

    Alas, I'm moving into an apartment with no garden so I'm going to have to give up the fresh herbs.


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