Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Moving digs

Hsving decided I do indeed want to get back into tea blogging, I have likewise decided that the best place to do so is over with the good people of TeaTrade. Henceforth all tea-related posts can be found at http://joiedetea.teatra.de - I'd love it if you followed me over there (and checked out the other wonderful tea blogs and discussion and marketplace to be found on the site), but no hard feelings if not.

Thanks for coming along thus far and I hope to see you on TeaTrade!


  1. I am going to follow you there! I was so glad that some days ago when you blogged about tea again! I want to blog about tea again soon, too. Looking forward to read a lots of you! :-)

  2. I've also followed you there. Thanks for the heads up! I also sent you a tweet, your new blog isn't properly linking to your twitter and facebook pages, the links are just generic, so you might want to fix that soon!

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  4. Hi! You should blog about Matcha Green Tea- its so good! Just had a friend order from www.zengreentea.com.au and I tried some of hers and was addicted. I placed an order today.. cant wait to receive! Not to mention her now glowing skin and weight loss!

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