Friday, 4 September 2009

Squirrel Tea Cosy

Earlier this week my new tea cosy arrived!

In this photo it is keeping my pot of Castleton Autumnal Darjeeling warm... lovely!

I first saw the pattern a couple of months back in my copy of Notebook: magazine - you can find it online here - and thought at the time how much I would love to make it. Alas, I have neither the skills nor the equipment necessary to machine-sew anything (a little basic embroidery and button sewing is my limit), but I kept it in the back of my mind, just in case.

Then a few weeks ago I discovered the Alchemy board on the DUST (Down Under Street Team, of which I'm a member) Forum, and I put up a request to see if any of the other talented DUSTers might be interested in making it for me. Lo and behold I got a response from the lovely Luisa from Dance in My Garden, who very kindly offered to make it for me.

The pale creamy colour of the felt and the finely-worked contrasting stitching is a perfect complement to my smaller teapots - this tea cosy fits comfortably over both my 350ml beehouse teapot and my slightly larger 450ml one. It's probably not as warm as a thick knitted or quilted cosy, but I think it does a pretty good job, and it's so cute (not to mention Tea Correspondent approved)!*

Luisa normally makes lovely bibs and other items for little tots, but was happy to have the chance to make a 'grown-up' item for a change - and she did such a beautiful job on my squirrelly tea cosy, I would have no hesitation in purchasing any of her other items (I'm keeping a close eye on them for when our baby is born in a few weeks). And she has also just introduced some 'drink cosies' to keep your fingers from burning on hot cups... perhaps I need one of those too...?

*That said, I do have an urge to photograph it in sinister silhouette in a lighted window, I'm not quite sure why.


  1. Aw how adorable is that? Loving your tea cosy very much! Feeling the urge for one of my own now... Mmmm.

  2. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's great to see Mr Squirrel looking right at home, and he's already made friends with Lucky Pinky Dots!

  4. He is GORGEOUS! Luisa did a fine job and the hand stitching is simply beautiful

  5. Awwww ain't it sweet. I love it Verity. I don't actually have a tea cosy - can you believe it..lots of pots and no cosy - I drink the tea too quickly for it to get cold. I really should have one though...

  6. wow.. gorgeous.. really love it..
    i have download the pattern.. thanks

  7. It's a cute cosy but it reminds me too much of the @#$$^&*(%^ squirrels who steal the birdseed. This year we'll try giving them nuts in a different location. But I am glad you have it.

  8. Just lovely! Now I know Tea Cosy! Very Cute!

  9. My father used to collect tea pots, over 300 collections. and I remember there are lots of tea shops-just like cafe or coffee shops here, people gathering around, talking, tasting tea, eating some snacks..., The tea cosy reminds me the teapot warmer in shops! Very different, but serve the same purpose!

  10. Sure, the squirrel cozy is cute. They did a pretty good job with an animal I wouldn't normally be attracted to. But, Verity, I have to say I love your new tea kitty icon. It's just comforting to see it on Twitter and such. I don't know why. I guess I've gone soft. --Teaternity


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