Friday, 18 September 2009

Tea, today

It has been One Of Those Weeks, and the week before was likewise One of Those Weeks, making this, in sum, One of Those Fortnights. So I have had very little time to devote to my poor neglected blog, and almost as little to devote to drinking tea, which is a Bad Thing. However, today is quieter and the next few weeks also promise to be a bit less frantic, so hopefully things will improve in both those areas.

My taste for tea at the moment is a funny thing. I still haven't quite recovered my pre-pregnancy liking for Chinese or Japanese greens; I find that I talk myself into drinking them occasionally because they're sitting there in the cupboard and need using up, or because they're 'good for me' (yes, I get a bit suckered into that hype too, still). And then I'm almost surprised that I enjoy them, although it does take me a little longer to get through a pot than it might have before.

I had this experience yesterday over a couple of infusions of Mao Feng from Oriental Tea House (no link, sorry - the tea section of their website appears to be malfunctioning today). It's really a very nice tea, to look at as well as to taste - the wet leaves are like little dusty-green spears, and it has a mouth-filling savoury kind of flavour, very little sweetness on the finish - but I forget that I enjoy it.

Still, perhaps now that the weather is warming up (finally) I may feel more like my green teas again. It's been so windy and rainy over the last few weeks that black teas have seemed more appropriate; it's kind of irrational I suppose, but they do seem to be more warming and comforting in the cold weather than the greens. I love my cold-brewed iced greens in particular... looking forward very much to the weather being consistently warm enough for those again!

Sunny enough for a picnic today!

I think I'll head downstairs and brew myself up a pot of something now... what will it be?


  1. I grew up with all the "high mountain" tea, so many kinds that I even can not name them in English!

    That is why I am so used to chinese and Japanese tea, just water and tea leaves, nothing else! And I enjoy the simplicity.

    Then, after came to US 20 years ago, I am still adjusting all kinds of tea other than Chinese and Japanese tea! And I am surprised by the taste every time!
    I like many of them, love to try something new!

    But, we all have those tea just as "comfort food" that we always choose to drink, and restore or soothing our body and soul

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Isn't it interesting - I think that the 'comfort tea' is probably most like the one we were used to when we were children - for me it is strong milk black tea with sugar because that's the way my dad used to make it when I was small.

    I am always amazed at just how many different kinds of teas there are - I really had no idea until I started reading about it a bit more widely over the last couple of years. I'm glad that you find such joy in trying out the Western types of teas as well :)

  3. I have a similar feeling about Pu-erh with its health benefits. That's one of the big reasons I love the stuff so much. I haven't soured on it yet because of any pregnancy and I'm looking forward to avoiding that. But with all seriousness I'm enamored of its promise of longevity. --Teaternity

  4. Jason, I would be PROFOUNDLY astonished if you soured on any kind of tea due to pregnancy.

    Pu-erh sounds like such an interesting branch of tea to explore!


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