Thursday, 19 November 2009

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible...

... things are currently a little disrupted (in the happiest way possible) by the arrival of our beautiful son Peregrin Ambrose (Pippin for short) who was born on 3 November.

Isn't he gorgeous? And of course, this particular outfit includes a handy reminder, just in case I forget to have a cup of two of tea (or more, preferably) throughout the day... I'm sipping on some very welcome infusion of chamomile, peppermint and lemon balm at the moment. Nice strong Assam with milk and a little sugar has also been making a regular appearance in my cup lately... and I just finished off my tin of Mao Feng from Oriental Tea House the other day as well.

(I will also confess that on some of the more difficult, sleep-deprived days I have been known to respond to my sister's kind offer of 'Can I make you some tea? What kind?' with 'Whatever'... a sorry state of affairs that will hopefully not continue too long...)


  1. oh such a sweet little thing, love the outfit.

  2. Hi Verity!
    Oh I am so pleased you have posted a pic of your precious wee 'Pippin'..isn't he just a cutie. I love his name, it's very manly.
    Congratulations to you and your family!!
    Thought your comment about the tea was hilarious!
    I would love to know what tea you decided to celebrate Peregrin's arrival with in the hospital?
    So lovely to hear from you,

  3. well! congratulations, your life will never be quite the same again!

    enjoy enjoy enjoy x

  4. Such a gorgeous little boy - I love his romper. Enjoy every precious moment :0)

  5. It is and always is a miracle-like experience to have a baby, because it will make people understand what the unconditional love is about deeply!

    I am sure you do need tea, lots of them, just hope your mind is clear enough to decide which one to drink after all the sleepless nights! :D

    Hope you will receive the fox and my little surprise for you soon! I sent them out the next day ASAP!

    Regarding to the " tea sharing", my parent have brought several kinds of " high mountain tea" and green tea for me, they are specially produced from Taiwan. They give me the light, soothing and refreshing feeling every time. I think there are quite a few sites about them.

    I am sure you will get back to " tea- track " soon! Will keep following your new sharing

  6. Ah, the little one has all the authority in the house right now. Nothing wrong with that for a while.

  7. Hi Verity! Well, the linkwithin letted me go to this "old" entry. And I love the romper of your son, too! It's perfect, you need to tell me where I can find those whenever I will have a child, too. :-)


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