Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Nature of Tea

'Imagine the following: a Japanese tea master wishing to teach his student the importance of perception dashes a cup of tea to the ground, breaking the cup and spilling the tea. The tea master wished to illustrate the point that the broken cup was no longer a cup ... while the tea was still tea, immutable and unchanged. But as the tea could no longer be consumed without the cup to hold it, the true importance of the cup becomes clear. It is the empty space of the teacup that performs the most essential duty, one with greater importance than merely the fleeting beauty of a pleasing shape, fetching design, or lustrous glaze.'
-- The Story of Tea, p.294.


  1. Yes, it is true that the space inside the cup is the most important but....I love a cute little teacup

  2. At least have of the enjoyment of drinking tea is the pleasure of using the implements that come with it. Teacups, teapots, spoons, etc., can be elegant, rustic, amusing, or even startling to look at.
    Tea ware is art. I treasure my collection of teapots and teacups. Many I don't even use for fear of breaking them.

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