Thursday, 25 February 2010

Work in Progress

So if there's one thing that makes a nice cup of tea even nicer, it's having a beautiful canister to store your precious tea leaves in.

I'm experimenting with the idea of producing my own line of one-of-a-kind decorative tea canisters... am waiting on some samples to be delivered hopefully next week so I can work out what shape and size is best before I invest in a whole carton of the things... and have been amusing myself over the last 24 hours by decorating some of my own plain tins. What do you think?

I stamped the paper for this one with a pretty flower stamped made by Riyo from Talk to the Sun.

The bottom canister in the photo above is decorated with a piece of paper from a nifty vintage paper pack that my sister gave me for Christmas, and the bird card in the next photo is from the same pack.

Comments and feedback welcome!


  1. Lovely, I like the one with the writing on it!

  2. Did the bird card come from a tea packet originally?

  3. Thanks Christine :)

    Jan - yes it did! On the back it says it came from Tuckfield's tea...

  4. Came across these while searching for tea products. I'd TOTALLY buy these! They're beautiful! How much are you thinking of charging for them?

  5. Great combination of art and tea! Let your imagination go far and beyond!

    Very good idea to add your own personal touch!

  6. Thanks Peichi! :D

    Anonymous, I'm not quite sure re pricing yet as I'm not certain of the cost of the materials... but I think I'd be looking at around US$10-$15 on etsy. I'm so glad you like them!

  7. I think this is a great idea Verity. Such a step up from the plain steel ones!


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