Thursday, 15 April 2010

I'm so high maintenance, II

Last night I put the kettle on to boil (I now have a stovetop glass kettle - technically actually a coffee pot, but I just use it for boiling water without the coffee-percolating bit in it - my parents don't use it any more; genuine vintage, it's about 40 years old) but then discovered that I needed to take Pippin upstairs to change and try and settle him, so I asked my husband to just turn the stove off one the kettle came to a boil.

A couple of minutes later:

My husband (peeking round the door of the baby's room, mouthful of cake): What exactly did you want me to do with the kettle once it boiled?
Me (I regret to say, slightly irritated, jiggling a teary baby): Um, just turn it off??
My husband: Oh! I thought that's what you said, but then I thought it couldn't be quite so simple!

Oh dear... I really must be high maintenance...

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