Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - Fancy Pants Afternoon Tea in Melbourne

...afternoon tea was quite a feature of Bertram's. It was nothing less than splendid. ... There were large crested silver trays, and Georgian silver teapots. The china, if not actually Rockingham and Davenport, looked like it. The Blind Earl services were particular favourites. The tea was the best Indian, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Lapsand, etc. As for eatables, you could ask for anything you liked - and get it! -- Agatha Christie, At Bertram's Hotel

Sometimes there's just nothing you want more than a fancy-pants afternoon tea... Here are some I'd like to try out...

High Tea at The Tea Room at the National Gallery of Victoria International on St Kilda Road (they have Larsen and Thompson teas, yum!) giving you the opportunity to be artsy as well.

Afternoon Tea at The Windsor Hotel, Spring St.

Tiffin Afternoon Tea at The Langham, Southbank (the Chocolate Indulgence one sounds pretty good...)

Check out High Tea Society for more luscious locations!


  1. Just so delicious! I am amazed!

    This just makes me realize how different about "dessert for tea" among all cultures.

  2. What would you normally have with tea for dessert Peichi? Or do you prefer to drink your tea away from food?

  3. I can not speak for every one, but lots of dessert or food to go with oriental tea can be sweet, or salty!

    I remember when I visited tea houses or shops in Taiwan several years ago, the choices of dessert were just too many. I am sure there will be more now! Most of the tea houses in Taiwan, they have been uniquely designed interiorly, and you will have your own table, brew your tea, drinking tea, enjoy food, and chatting with friends. Good time!

    Here is a link I found quite interesting:

    I like to drink tea after meal, and most of time , just tea alone. Won't mind some little snack ! :)


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