Monday, 10 May 2010

Market Wrap

So, last Saturday was my first ever market stall for Joie de Tea. Overall, I am pretty happy with the results - I didn't turn a profit but I nearly did; and I learnt a lot as well, in the best way - by experience. The Malvern Town Hall was a beautiful venue too; all indoors and the ceiling of the main hall looked like it was designed by Wedgwood - stunning in blue and white and gold.

Here's some photos, kindly taken by my husband who did a beautiful job of looking after Pippin all day!

So, what did I learn?
c\_/ that the lead-up to a market is a lot of work;
c\_/ that a lot of people who go to markets are - surprise - like me, and prefer just to browse and/or are shy about talking to stallholders;
c\_/ that I need to merchandise my stall better - more height, more variety, more 'clutter' to make it look good (but I've got some great ideas for next time, involving things like stacks of books and that kind of thing, product information, signage and brochures);
c\_/ that I need to work on my patter with the customers... got to get over that shyness! and
c\_/ that it is really, really nice to have an almost-completely baby-free day once in a while! My goodness, how different it was to my usual daily routine! 

So many thanks to the friends who stopped by to keep me company and to all the lovely customers that I had. All in all I'm very pleased with the whole experience and I think I will apply for another stall at the Modish Market - perhaps not the June one, that might be a bit rushed to get all the things organised that I would like to - but for August. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Congrats Verity - it is a learning experience thats for sure and hindsight is a wonderful thing ! Looks like you had a great day xox

  2. Well done Verity on your first market. There is so much to learn , and you need to be so organised to get it set up just how you want it. Time, space and ideas are always issues with me.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Oh so much to learn

  4. Verity

    It was great to see you at the Modish Market, my huby loves the vanilla tea I got him. I have a write up on your tea's appearing on my blog sometime this week.

    Say "hi" to Hilary for me


  5. Hello,
    That looks like fun! Look nerve wrecking but Im sure your stall will pick up! Have you thought about having some taste-testing? You could bring a flask if theres no power. Well only for a kind most people will like. Plus the smell would attract people. :-) Good luck!


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