Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tuesday's Tea of the Week: Star Anise Basic Black.

I thought I might spend a little time introducing you all a bit more to the blends that I make... so here is the first post in a new series: Star Anise Basic Black.

This blend is, as the name indicates, part of my 'Basic Black' tea range - organic black tea from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) mixed with a single other herb or spice, allowing the flavours of both ingredients to shine through with eloquent simplicity.

I was inspired to make this blend by a good friend of mine who has a tremendous love for star anise. The heady liquorice flavour of the spice goes beautifully with the smooth base of the black tea and is wonderfully invigorating yet also elegant.

It makes for an exquisite tea to serve after dinner with dessert... and a good digestif as well.

Next week: Lemon Breeze.

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  1. I can see star anise going well with black tea, but I have yet to try such a blend. Maybe I can try this at home...after all I always have both ingredients on hand!



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