Sunday, 15 August 2010

Morning Flower Tea

I was lucky enough to win some of this lovely tea from Samantha at Tea and Ink: Morning Flower Green Tea from The Tea Centre.

It's very pretty to look at, with the colourful petals scattered amongst the green leaves. I've been drinking quite a lot of it since it arrived (I kind of overdosed on awesome Darjeeling black teas from Thunderbolt Teas in the last couple of weeks - too much of a good thing, etc - so am going for greens for the next couple of days at least!) and enjoying it greatly. It's a very pleasant change of pace for me.

The website doesn't really describe the flavours of this tea at all, just labels it as 'Green tea with sunflower blossoms, cornflowers & rose buds', but there is a peachy-apricotty flavour to it; it's fruity and floral without being cloying at all. I've been doing two infusions at a time (about 2-3 minutes each) and they both have plenty of taste. I bet this would be a terrific iced tea for the hot weather as well! If we ever get any. I am totally freezing today.

Thank you so much for this tea Samantha, I have really appreciated it! Samantha was also kind enough to give me a 'Versatile Blogger' award, and I am getting around to passing it on... I might have to do it in two batches, though, being rather short of time!

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