Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wishlist Wednesday - A Question of Necessity

It's been a while since I did a Wednesday Wishlist!

My sister maintains that a milk jug is an unnecessary piece of tea accoutrement. I suppose, from a certain point of view (a certain point of view??), and depending on the kind of tea you drink, she may be right. However we should not let that stop us from celebrating the dubiously necessary in all shapes and forms...

I have a little Bison milk bottle (scroll down on the Bison page to spot them) in a lovely sagey grey-green... which colour would you choose? I'd quite like a cherry red one as well.

Love the simplicity of this creamer and sugar bowl set - the little birdie detail is adorable!

How about a teabag rest... well if you're not into teabags then like me you would use it for your tea strainer...

... wouldn't mind this tea strainer myself actually!

And some coasters... I would LOVE to have this set:

So much fun stuff to choose from... luckily I'm rotten, stinking, stony, stinking broke at present.


  1. I love tea and all the paraphenalia that goes with it. And we always use a milk jug as pouring milk from a big 2L bottle into a cuppa will always result in too much milk. Sadly we don't have a pretty milk jug, just a stainless steel jug like you'd use to froth milk.

  2. Maybe time to invest in a pretty one...? ;)

  3. These are all beautiful things. They might have to go on my wishlist, too. Especially that teabag rest--adorable! (Although, it'd be for my strainer, too, 'cause I'm not a bag lady).


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