Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I am having a teaware run of death at the moment. Over the last four months or so I have

Broken two glass teapot lids (the second one was my spare, my glass teapot is now unusable)
Shattered a gaiwan lid (luckily I have a spare)
Broken the handle on my beautiful Royal Doulton cup (mended)
Shattered the lid of my tokoname teapot (not fixable, teapot now can't be used)
Smashed the handle of my small zero japan teapot (well, the cat knocked it off the bench; can't be fixed)
Smashed to smithereens a lovely green mug that was a gift from my husband.

The green mug died last night. I went to bed in tears. I have not allowed myself any tea so far today in case I break something else...

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  1. Oh, I am sorry Verity...but not allowing tea is not the good result for this. Make yourself a cup, use a normal cup not a special one and enjoy your tea! Hugs, jenny
    PS: I was in another town yesterday and there was a "free" teashop and I got some new ones :-)...going to blog about them soon.


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