Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tea and Food: A match made in heaven

Peaches and almonds go together so beautifully. Not surprising really I suppose, when you consider they are closely related within the same botanical family.

I think many teas pair well with fruit and nuts as a snack, but my particular favorite is a sencha. I love the way the initial bitterness of the tea contrasts with the sweetness of the fruit and creaminess of the nuts, and then the sweetness comes through again at the end.

I have just used up the last of my sencha of the spring sun from Obubu Tea. I love this tea. I make it the way they recommend, with lots of leaf and boiling water for multiple VERY short steeps. This brings out the bitterness that I love in a Japanese tea in the first infusion; subsequent cups are sweet and creamy, a little floral. It cold-brews beautifully too.

I'll be purchasing some more of this delicious tea as soon as I can.

If you'd like to know more about Obubu, have a look at this great interview with Matsu and Akky , the farmers, on the Travel and Tea blog!

PS do you like my incredibly beautiful Royal Doulton 'moss rose' teacup set? I love it SO MUCH!


  1. Beautiful tea cup! I have quite a sweet tooth, so I end up getting different blended teas. I do enjoy a good Japanese sencha. One of my favourite food/tea combos is a strawberry cream black tea blend with white chocolate (sweet tooth strikes again). I'll have to try the fruit/nut combo with the sencha. Sounds really nice.

  2. I remember as a kid, observing that a peach pit looked a bit like an almond in the shell, cracking it, and finding an almond-like kernel. I ate it; it tasted a lot like an almond. I only learned later that it is not a good idea to eat them raw, as they contain some cyanide.

    It always fascinates me what is related to what; I had no idea until a few years ago that tea was from a Camellia, the familiar garden specimens.

    Another one that fascinates me is the nightshade family...following your reasoning, maybe that explains why tomato, pepper, and eggplant go so well together.

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  4. one of my favourite combinations is earl grey and oranges, though i have recently developed a taste for russian caravan and dates.

    really enjoying your blog. and always enjoy a cup of tea.

  5. I like the pairing of the Sencha with traditionally "black tea" tea cups.

  6. When I saw the photo I thought "nice teacup and plate", and since you asked I thought that I had better say so.

    I am slowly collecting sets myself but I have not yet organised a good spot to store/display them.

  7. Matcha…wow the name itself reveals much about the green tea and this post completes the remaining job.

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