Monday, 19 July 2010

Joie de Tea in the News!

I had a major attack of excitement last Friday, when in the course of a totally unrelated conversation with Angharad from Bees and Me, she mentioned that she had seen me in the latest issue of Notebook: magazine.

'WHAT??' I said. I had no idea!

Following some rather hysterical running around and a fruitless trip to our local milk bar where they didn't have the August edition in stock, I was able to grab a copy at the supermarket and sure enough, on page 153 (heh) there it was:

I like Notebook: magazine a lot, I must say - I have subscribed in the past although for financial reasons I don't at the moment - so it was the greatest compliment to have my blog mentioned there. Especially as they clearly found it and decided to include it all on their own without any input from me.

Thanks very much to Angharad for pointing it out and to the team at Notebook: !

If you remember, the other week I was also interviewed on the Two Cheeky Monkeys blog by the lovely Deb. She submitted her interview to Craftgawker (click that link if you dare, you may never escape when you see all the shiny, fun stuff) and it was accepted... so Joie de Tea is on there too! 


  1. Having a quick run through blogs with tea mentioned, I notice that a fair number of them are from Australia - I must move Oz into my list of civilised counties.
    Well done on your magazine mention

  2. Well, semi-civilized, anyway...

  3. I saw IT, I saw IT!
    I was so excited for you Verity! yah!
    (shhh...not supposed to be buying any mags - don't tell anyone will you?)

  4. Squee for you Verity!!! Congrats sweetie, hope you get lots of orders from your features. :)


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