Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Yunnan Golden Tips

I have been reading over at Jenny's Blog about her quest for the perfect selection of teas for her cabinet... ten teas that she loves enough to always have on hand. It's an ongoing search (but what a fun one, huh?). I hadn't ever thought about selecting teas in this way; but if I were going to start a Top-10 teas to always have in my cupboard, Yunnan Golden Tips from SanTion would definitely be on my list.

 Apologies for the blurriness of this photo; I took it without realising that the camera was on 
manual focus not auto focus, and drank all the tea before I could take another. Whoops.

The leaves are incredible, so long and tippy, it is absolutely full of golden buds (as the name would suggest). My favourite part is actually opening the canister - there is such a rich smell of sweet raisins that greets me. Immensely cheering on a cold grey day. The wet leaves have a creamy, slightly spicy smell. The liquor is very smooth, no bitterness or astringency - just a rich round flavour with a touch of spice and also flowers, I think. A little malty as well.

I am going through this tea at a rapid rate and will shortly have to order more. It is just such easy drinking.


  1. Well, I call it my perfect tea list but it is probably an extreme name. Better to describe it as my favourite teas! As I told my taste has changed a lot for tea and it is not worth anymore to drink tea that I think it is okay, but I do not mind it if i do not have it. That's my idea behind this selection which shall be permanent at my cabinet then one day and be added temporarily by some new teas or season teas. Okay, I tries a Golden Yunnan here, too, guess it was the same as in its describtion were talked about "tips" but not named in its name. It is the malty touch you named which does not hit my taste that the teastore here they also have got a Yunnan called Yunnan Golden Downy Pekoe. Do you know this one? I want to go and try it one day.

  2. Sounds wonderful! Have a sweet day!

  3. ooh, and they've got the tea-glass-of-my-dreams too!
    This does sound really nice! One day....

    My favourite tea is Madura Premium Blend, but mixed with your Relax! 2 scoops Madura to 1 relax, in my large pot is perfect :)

  4. Thanks so much for coming by my blog and commenting on the "tea field collage." I appreciate you kind words!


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