Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tuesday's Tea of the Week: Ruby-Red Mint

This is another really simple combination of two ingredients - spearmint and hibiscus - but it works so well. Both of the herbs are organic and it's caffeine free.

The colour of an infusion of Ruby-Red Mint is just amazing - such a vibrant shade of red.

I love hibiscus for adding that depth of colour to a blend. The dried leaves look pretty cool too:

The flavour is really burst-y: the deep tang of the hibiscus and then lighter minty notes from the spearmint makes this truly refreshing. It is a little on the sour side so you could sweeten it if you wanted, but it's not really necessary. A great soother for a sore throat, as well.

I acknowledge that it's a bit perverse to be writing about iced tea in the depths of Melbourne winter (although the weather has really been quite mild the last few days; I'm sure that will change soon enough) but Ruby-Red Mint truly shines as an iced tea. Make it strong and then dilute with cold water and ice... who needs soft drink?

Next week: Mint Delight.

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