Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Singbulli First Flush 2010

My tastebuds are not fully operational after the rotten cold I have had (another one!) but here are a few little notes on the Singbulli First Flush tea (Clonal Classic Super Fine) that I received from Thunderbolt Tea a few weeks ago.

The dry leaves smell faintly of hay or sweet cut grass. They are lovely to look at (check them out in this post here). The wet leaves vary in colour between shades of copper and medium green:

They have a vegetal smell that I can't quite name... maybe nettles? Or asparagus?

The liquor is a very pale golden colour, honey-like in aroma. It has a light, bright flavour, not a lot of body; it is mainly vegetal in taste - but not brothy/seaweedy like a Japanese green - think more along the lines of silverbeet or chard rather than spinach. A faint hint of roses and possibly honey as well?


  1. Well, the teashop in my town has got nearly 20 different teas from Darjeeling. But they do not have Singbulli! I have already searched for some good online teashops and I found one which offers 30grams to order instead of the usually 100grams. I think this is pretty good especially when you want to try a tea for the first time. Guess I will get Singbulli from there.
    PS: I read that it shall have the taste of apricots and little bit lemon or lime.

  2. It is handy being able to get smaller quantities to try at first! What other Darjeelings have they got aat your local tea shop? I have had ones from Risheehat,Castleton, Giddapahar that have all been very nice... Looking forward to tying some Goomtee estate tea soon too!

  3. Hi Veri-Tea! Well, of the Darjeeling teas you have mentioned here I can only get Risheehat as a second flush. But I have not tried it yet. The last ones I have tried and liked are Pussimbing, Jungpana and Soom. I also tried Lingia, but am not sure anylonger whether I liked it or not. I was totally dissapointed by Steinthal (which if I am right was the first tea estate in Darjeeling and is called as the classic Darjeeling here) and Kaley Valley. Oh, btw, do you take care whether it is a first flush, second flush, in between etc? I can get each Darjeeling here only in one variation. So I cannot compare the flushes and only go for the taste of the similar tea.
    PS: Have you seen my Golden Nepal tea at my blog? It is my absolutely favourite one!


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